Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Legend of the BoBBs


If you think there is deceit in ‘Legends of the Fall’,

You aren’t right because it doesn’t measure tall.

You may think it steep, but you ought to compare,

Any assessment of yours must be done with care.


As you begin comparing and undertake the SWOT,

You may be surprised when you reach the final dot.

No telling the gasping when wisdom finally dawns,

Great deceits you gauged were just smaller pawns.


Legends become history when tallest of them all,

Dexterity of the strokes makes everyone play ball.

Basics are ensured with each one sharing the pie,

Mirages are created to fool every snooping eye.


Now here is a story of some bouncing baby boys,

Girlish first names apart, they loved all their toys.

You may have heard baby’s termed bundle of joy,

But nickname ‘Bundle’ can make the boldest coy.


And so our Bundle boy has always spoken soft,

Even while jumping much higher than Lara Croft.

He never feared anything except the severe cold,

Ice and snow always somehow petrified his bold.


Then he chanced upon the story of a little girl,

Who feared big potatoes, not the shiny pearl,

How such big potatoes could fit her tiny mouth,

This gave her many jitters plus an angry pout.


Well if you think hard the solution does emerge,

And so she devised a plan to rid this awful curse.

Whenever she saw her mother looking other way,

She threw the big potatoes out the window bay.


Now Bundle found this story full of inspiration,

His antennas went up in smiling anticipation.

If she could rid potatoes, why not me the ice,

Work out a solid plan before playing the dice.


But working out the solution was no easy matter,

How could he subject the big expanse to batter?

Just looking at massifs gave Bundle the jitters,

How cruel of God to create those shiny critters?


Finally he decided the step by step approach,

No one will be wiser, not even the cockroach.

Vanishing ice will be seen as global warming.

As he coolly went about his calibrated farming.


Attack the largest first as testing field for theory,

If also laced with moolah, how nice with the glory.

The little one was stupid chucking potatoes for free,

But with me all grown up, I must extract some fee.


Bundle hated most the denizen named Siachen,

One look at this freezer reduced him to an urchin.

But discovering it is a massive fresh water source,

Bundle knew exactly how he will play this course.




First was to identify those who equally feared ice,

Ones not seen the glacier were better to entice.

Luckily next door were some thirsty terror hoards’,

Flush with easy funds and access to foreign boards.


If the deal could be swung in some exotic locales,

Siachen would be history like vintage fairy tales.

Deal was struck quietly, public merrily napping,

Camaraderie was great with plenty backslapping.


Back home it was celebrations and congratulation,

The rewards by mafia filled all with anticipation.

But Bundle had not reckoned dining at Coventry,

That internet had become the curse of the century.


If Wikileaks could expose the mighty super power,

Bundle’s secret deal was hardly the lofty tower.

The bubble suddenly burst with Bundle gone hiding,

But the flow of e-mails never gave up the chiding.


Now if one felt that Bundle was finally caught,

You’d never really know who all were bought.

For Bundle was much smarter, never act in haste,

Basics had been followed, so nothing went waste.


The family tree was garnered to trap the very top,

And give them best flying toys as expensive sop.

The booty shared with all, as also Bundle and Co,

And it was no mean amount but mighty hefty dough.




If you can’t admire planning, it is but your problem,

Helicopters were to con hierarchy and jack them.

Some scolding may follow but does it really matter,

When the mafia is known to hold all meets in gutter.


What new surprises come, everyone is guessing,

Bundle continues to enjoy salad with all dressing.

Compared to selling the Taj, is there a story lacier,

Ever heard of someone hawking off a Glacier?


Well folks, the Legend of BoBBs is already born,

And it is going to continue much beyond the dawn

Now if you can’t guess what is full form of BoBBs,

Band of Bundle Brothers dear, which is simply tops.