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China Mocking Pussy Footers

Lt Gen (Retd) Prakash Katoch.

In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one's sovereignty or nation. A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor. By another definition, it means disloyalty or treachery to one’s country or its government. But in a country like India, how do you classify a Foreign Minister who describes an officially accepted 19 kilometre deep intrusionat Daulat Beg Oldi (DBO) inside Indian Territory as “these things keep happening”? The Defence Minister consoles more himself than the nation in saying, “India will take every step to protect its interests.” Then, on 27 April (12 days after the intrusion) the Prime Minister tells reporters, “We have a plan …… it is a localized ….. ‘I think’ talks are going on”. So that is the importance given to the intrusion – Prime Minister does not know for certain whether talks are going on ! How the emperors clothes will be stitched as per ‘this’ plan is anybody’s guess but one of the master chefs (gaffe king Home Minister) has spilled the beans already in saying that this is ‘no man’s land’ and we have no jurisdiction over it, clearly referring to DBO area. Two things are very clear : one, that the government just could not care if Ladakh goes away to China-Pakistan because population being small with no vote-bank, it is not worth bothering; two, there is no plan aside from bending backwards to China (as is being done with Pakistan) as long as the government can win the next election and present incumbents keep their backsides in saddle – nation and territory be damned. The plan will be mulled over further with media reporting that Salman Khurshid has been directed by Sonia Gandhi to meet Natwar Singh to get more lessons in diplomacy. Natwar Singh may not be able to teach diplomacy to Salman but surely can advise him on trade, having profited so much through oil despite claiming he has never seen an oil barrel. Final touches to the ‘plan’ can be visualized in Salman acquiescing to whatever the Chinese want when visiting Beijing in May. Going by Shinde’s statement, such an assessment should be fairly accurate. Although the Army Chief meeting and briefing the Defence Minister on 25th April (10 days after the intrusion) was reported in media, there has been no report of any meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) on the issue with the three Service Chiefs in attendance. But then why should the CCS meet when the issue is localized and government has a ‘plan’ which Salman will finalize in Beijing? Meanwhile, the public can be told ‘we are monitoring and reading up on strategy’:

Assertions by Manmohan Singh and Salman Khurshid that the intrusion is ‘localized’ are hollow. Every unit and every formation of the PLA is posted with Political Commissars who report directly to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Such is their control that promotion of PLA officers is contingent upon the report by the Political Commissar. The PLA Chief himself reports directly to the CCP and not the Chinese Government. Under such a set up where is the question of a local PLA commander on his own establishing a platoon 19 kilometres deep inside Indian Territory? The Foreign Minister’s statement “these things keep happening” itself is absurd when  MEA is admitting that this PLA platoon is sitting way beyond even the Chinese perception of the LAC. The MEA has full details of Chinese perception of the LAC, which has been the basis of ongoing border talks. The Defence Minister has acknowledged that there were 400 transgressions by the PLA during 2012. These, as well as similar transgressions in previous years could perhaps be categorized as transgressions because of “their perception of LAC” but certainly not what has happened at DBO. Latter is a deliberate and wanton intrusion by the Chinese, which really cannot be passed off as “these things keep happening”.  

Surprisingly, no one queried the government why it took 10 day after the intrusion to acknowledge that the Chinese were 19 kilometres deep inside Indian Territory. The initial reports of an intrusion 10 kilometres deep were obviously leaked to soften the blow to the public. The 19 kilometre admission was when the media talked about a 30 kilometres intrusion and became impossible to remain silence. But is the intrusion actually 19 kilometres deep?   Wikipedia describes two points denoting northern extremities of undivided Kashmir State as Dafdar in Taghdumbash Pamir near Beyik Pass (bordering Wakhan Corridor) and Karakoram Pass (bordering Xinjiang in China), giving precise coordinates. Therefore, the penetration of the intrusion must be measured from the northeastern extremity of J&K – Karakoram Pass, as should be apparent from the map below that has appeared in the media:

From the above, it should be amply clear that the government is telling a blatant lie in saying that the intrusion is only 19 kilometres deep. What they have done is very conveniently measured the distance for the nearest possible point from Aksai Chin (already under illegal occupation of China). What then is the point in thumping the table in Parliament and passing successive resolutions that J& K is an integral part of India and that we will not let any territory cede. Does AK Anthony and his Defence Secretary have any answers? Anthony himself is culpable in bringing the military-industrial complex to such a sorry state and making hollow statements that all possible modernization of the military will be ensured while denying modernization by banning firms after considerable time has been spent on acquisition process, without alternative sources of procurement and enormous loss of time. 

It is surprising that the Prime Minister has not deemed it fit to address the nation on this crisis. Surely he could not be scared, the standard response being “we have the numbers”. So, if you are not scared about your seat or the elections then is the fright about possibility of the contents of the statement angering the Chinese? If Shri Shinde says that we have no jurisdiction over DBO then what business does he have in the first place as Home Minister to talk about the area? Why are the Foreign Minister and Prime Minister so dumbstruck? Is there a bigger diabolical plan in the offing? It is no secret that the Track II India-Pakistan dialogue recommending withdrawal from Siachen was with the blessings of the NSA under instructions from the Prime Minister’s Office, ensuring none of the numerous meetings were held in India least the public gets whiff of what was cooking. Despite the public outrage once the plot was leaked, the issue would have been progressed were it not for the India delegation leader getting caught in the Westland Helicopter Scam. Then you had the so called government interlocuters whose report is yet to be made public. Since they were enjoying their foreign trips on behest of the now famous Ghulam Mohammed Fai, you can surmise how much their report would be in favour of Pakistan. They did try to defend themselves by saying their foreign trips were on behest of the Government of India but when the concerned ministries were sent an RTI on the issue, all of them denied that they had ordered for funded these trips.

Tarun Vijay wrote recently in Times of India quoting Ladakhi people that for the first time Indian Tricolor was not allowed to be hoisted in open at Demchhok in Eastern Ladakh, where every year Independence Day is celebrated.
Chinese Army Personnel have also forced development work stopped in border village Koyul in Leh. In a communication to divisional commissioner, Srinagar (Kashmir), the DC Leh wrote on 22nd August, 2012, “work is being executed on the bonafide Indian side and the Chinese have no locus standi on the land which belongs to the people of Koyul. Besides, large chunk of an un-irrigated land to the tune of 400 hectares could be converted into pasture area as most of the nomads are dependent on their live-stocks and their main earning is by sale of raw Pashmina wools'. The letter to DC Srinagar by DC Leh clearly mentions, 'The contractors and the labourers have been reportedly threatened by the Chinese security personnel numbering 15-16 on 12th July, 2012. These Chinese personnel were reportedly carrying weapons with them and asked them to abandon the civil works in progress, although it was an ongoing scheme under BADP.' Why are Manmohan, Khurshid, Anthony and Shinde mum and permitting this? Are they ‘with’ the Chinese or are they too petrified? Can they get rid of their bangles? Is this the reason of getting gaffe expert Shinde to make the statement of ‘no man’s land’ so that no further explanation is required? Is the next step going to be withdrawal from Siachen and eastern Ladakh followed by Arunachal?

Amazing to see media reports being orchestrated to still project the sublime nature of China; ASSOCHAM deducing China will never be the aggressor because of its bilateral trade with India. Mind you neither ASSOCHAM nor FICCI has any concrete suggestions to rectify the gross imbalance in favour of China. Apparently, they also fail to notice the manner in which this trade is shutting down Indian small scale industries (reminds you of British East India Company), and what plans China has for Taiwan despite China-Taiwan bilateral trade volume of a magnitude that would put our under $100 bllion annual trade with China to shame.

DBO lies astride the old silk route leading to Karakoram Pass (KK Pass), that goes beyond to Yarkand in China. Should the Chinese not vacate DBO, it would hinder the ITBP patrolling the KK Pass. There are already conflicting reports of the periodicity of patrolling the KK Pass, when was the last time they did so and whether the Chinese are already sitting on the reverse slopes, ready to make an appearance to surprise the vacillatingly unclear political hierarchy of India yet again. This apart, it would be possible for DBO being used as a base to threaten the route to Siachen Base Camp that feeds the Northern and Central Glaciers on the Saltoro Range.   Chinese occupation of DBO would turn the flanks of the Indian defences on Saltoro Range – similar to Chinese claims to Doklam Plateau in Bhutan whose occupation by Chinese would turn the flanks of Indian Defences in East Sikkim, particularly in area of Tri Junction. During Operation ‘Vijay’ in 1999, China quietly developed a road in eastern Aksai Chin towards DBO, significance of which was apparently glossed over and has resulted in flux in the situation at Demchok on account of Chinese incursions and claims. Google imagery of 2006 shows an extraordinary large scale (1:500) terrain model extensively duplicating eastern Aksai Chin built close to Yinchuan (capital of Ningxia Autonomous Region). The 3,000 × 2,300 feet model is being used for tank war-games – in preparation of a future battle in Eastern Ladakh / North Sikkim? In 2012, China called upon Japan and South Korea to establish astronomical observatories in Aksai Chin, in apparent bid to consolidate its hold on the region.

The fact is that is that the intrusion at DBO is perhaps the most serious physical challenge to our sovereignty posed by China after 1962. The intrusion is deliberate, 30 kilometres deep and has adverse strategic implications for India and Ladakh in particular. The psychological challenge, if not responded adequately, will further dent India’s image and make us the laughing stock of the world. From what has been described above, another country would have put those responsible on trial for treason. The least Manmohan and coterie can do is shed their meekness and stand up to the challenge. Don’t you feel ashamed even when Pakistan treats you like dirt – latest being the Sarabjit affair? Tell us what your plan is to guard the sovereignty of the country. Why has the intrusion happened at DBO 14 years after Kargil in the first place? What does Shinde’s latest remark about DBO mean? Is the plan to abandon the area or has Shinde only put his foot in his mouth again? Putting your troops in front of the Chinese intrusion is no plan because by doing so you are ceding 30 kilometres of territory. Do you have the guts to put your troops behind the Chinese intrusion in what is our own territory, or occupy a similar advanced position in another sector? Despite the fact that government returned 93,000 Pakistani prisoners from the 1971 war without bothering to secure the 5000 Indian military prisoners languishing in Pakistani jails, rest assured the military will not fail you. You just need to stop wearing bangles despite your obsessions. The nation requires answers and the nation requires real leaders not pussy footers who can be mocked at by all and sundry!
The writer is an acknowledged military strategist, having retired after commanding India's most coveted strike Corps and first hand experience of Siachen imbroglio.  He is also one of India's highest decorated Generals and, having been a para commando wears many combat wounds, honours and awards.


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India-China Military Standoff – A Question of Sovereignty and Peace

 Karan Kharb

Being at war with itself, India has neither the intent nor the courage to deter her enemies from nibbling at the ‘disputed’ borders and regurgitate at the negotiating table.  Pakistan and China are taking full advantage of a weak Government which is virtually held at ransom by its coalition partners. Also, as a tradition the Indian politician has never felt much interested in national security and military matters, much less in the remotely issues like border management. First, it was the audacious intrusion by the Pakistan Army at Kargil. The strategy with which the intrusion was accomplished made it abundantly clear that the intruding Army was fairly sure that there would not be any serious and immediate retaliation from the Indian side. Our initial response proved them right. Our delayed, measured response later cost India loss of image and precious lives of hundreds of soldiers. 

Now, in keeping with its oft-repeated tactics, China has displayed similar brazen behaviour.  Chinese troops have audaciously intruded and, without camouflaging or concealing their incursion, pitched in to establish a post as deep as 18 kilometres inside Indian territory. It was no covert or hush-hush sneak into the Indian territory but a deliberate military operation supported by military helicopters.  In their quest to assert their influence and presence in the area, another squad of Chinese troops in boats kept on churning the Pangong Tso lake waters deep inside the Indian territory. Altogether, it was not merely a ‘show of force’; they pitched tents inside India and stayed on – as if assured of India’s cordiality.      

If we were to go by the settled international norms in dealing such eventualities, it would be for the military commander on the spot ‘to prevent enemy ingress in his area of responsibility at all costs.’  If, however, the intruding force is beyond the local military commander’s capability, the higher commander should assume the task of restoring the status quo ante. What it simply implies is that military action must be met by a befitting counter military response.  To be meaningful, the counter-action must be swift and punitive enough to deter the enemy from undertaking such misadventure in future. Talks, diplomacy can subsequently take over to diffuse military action from escalating beyond a level.

A succession of flag meetings between the opposing military commanders has failed to persuade the Chinese to undo their intrusion. In fact under the pretext of ‘disputed’ Line of Actual Control (LAC) they are insisting that they have ‘not intruded’.  By this contention, China is implicitly staking her claim to the Indian territory and pushing the LAC deep inside India.     

What is happening along our borders in the north and west is indeed very disturbing. A Pakistani patrol intrudes into our territory, captures our soldiers, beheads them and returns with impunity! No military commander anywhere in the world would tolerate such barbaric action and humiliation. Sadly, except drama little was done to avenge, retaliate and deliver a lesson to the errant Pakistani Army.  On the contrary, in cooling down under the subsequent diplomatic exercise, we have conveyed to the world that India still lives by her revered Bapu’s doctrine: ‘If someone slaps you on the right cheek, don’t retaliate – offer him the left one as well.’  Why does the Army need ‘clearance’ from the Government to carry out its assigned task? If there is a Government that hesitates, assure it, warn it but do not give up!  

The Chinese explanation says that enhanced activities like road construction, advanced air landing grounds and infrastructure on the Indian side provoked them to move in their troops.  Going by the Indian practice, they should have lodged protest and held meetings with India seeking assurance of no offensive posturing against them.  But they did not talk.  Instead, they moved in militarily leaving the option of talks for India even though all the ‘impugned’ Indian activities were fully legitimate and well within her territory.

What could be an appropriate military action from India in the given situation? Reportedly, the intruding Chinese body of troops is platoon strength.  The Indian military commander in whose area this intrusion took place should have intercepted and forced them to withdraw preferably immediately.  Otherwise, an ultimatum could have been served on them laying down specific time by which they must withdraw from the Indian territory.  A force of the size of an infantry battalion with requisite supporting elements could have isolated the intruders forcing them to surrender. Such a situation could have provided India a strategic edge to bring about a stubborn China to see reason and settle disputes on mutually acceptable terms.        

Ironically, however, India is the only country in the sub-continent whose decision makers give away their fears best. It seems our leaders have more confidence in the enemy military power than their own as is evident from the common refrain in the South Block corridors – ‘we do not want to escalate the situation; remember we are nuclear weapon states.  We shall talk and find an amicable solution.’ That is neither a military response nor good diplomacy.  Similar assurances were given by Pandit Nehru in 1948 when he – not the enemy – forestalled the Indian Army offensive chasing the Pakistani intruders from what is now Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) by rushing to the UN and asking his own Army to cease-fire. And the wound was left to fester forever.  Similarly, Aksai Chin has remained under the Chinese occupation since 1962.  Bipartite talks between India and China have lingered for years without resulting in any rapprochement in sight despite 15-16 rounds of futile talks.  

 Interestingly, among the three nuclear weapon states – China, India and Pakistan – if there is any evidence of ‘nuclear deterrence’ at work, it is in India.  We have consistently let Pakistan get away with attacks in the garb of terrorist strikes unpunished – Red Fort, Parliament, Mumbai, to name just a few of the numerous. Unlike other sovereign nations, India has always chosen a fretful posturing and, rather than retaliating forcefully, relied on lodging protests and complaints with Pakistan naively hoping it would prosecute (and not reward (!)) its soldiers and proxy soldiers for their daring acts to bleed India.

For an India aspiring for larger global role, this stance of indecisive, timid responses is not conducive to enhance her image as a competent, assertive and credible Power.  It is high time India resolved her dilemma and asserted her legitimate rights.  There must be a clearly defined policy and unambiguous doctrine to deal with vital issues of national defence and security. Such a policy must be explicitly stated, loudly proclaimed and resolutely enforced. Even as the Indian Army might have to fight and throw out the intruders from own territory, the Government could continue its diplomatic engagement driving home an unambiguous message to all – India is committed to foster peace, friendship and cooperation with her neighbours but every intrusion or inimical action shall be dealt with militarily just like any other crime or violation of law by foreign nationals is dealt with legally on merits of the case. Our policies and actions on ground must convince our neighbours that playing with India’s integrity is highly risky and unaffordable. Good neighbourly relations with China are not a one sided requirement or necessity for India to beg and pursue.  Building an atmosphere of cordiality and trust is equally vital for China being India’s largest trading partner.  If Vietnam can tell China in plain language to behave, India can tell her in a more convincing language.   

Indian troops have never violated neighbours’ borders, LC or LAC and therefore we may not be aware how Pakistan and China would react to an Indian platoon intruding into their territory.  It could be a worthwhile exercise to attempt and test this option to learn some useful lessons!

India’s policy confusion raises a few vital questions that demand clear and eloquent answers: How much peace is really enough? Can we ensure it by negating the military’s role in it?


The writer is a military veteran, author and a social activist on the panel of Turning Point India.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Save Mother India from Gang-rape

Karan Kharb

Here's how India is being gang-raped by her own sons turned incestuous rapists! Even as ‘slaves’ we never had it so bad in our history. First, there is a Police Force that serves only the Netas, preserves criminals and scares the innocent law abiding public. To cap it up, we have a police Chief who’s sunk deep in a swamp of serious allegations from head to toe and shamelessly defends his delinquent outfit with criminal smirk on his face. And lo, FREE INDIA, MODERN INDIA continues to endure such filth and abuse!  In Alauddin Khiljee’s times, any one at the helm of Home or Police departments would have had his balls chopped off and hanged atop Qutab Minar for public viewing for three days only to be dropped from there on the fourth day for the dogs to feast on his stinking carcass.
Then we have a Home Minister who just smiles away the surge in heinous crimes like brutal rape of toddlers by saying, ‘Delhi mein hi kyon, rape to har jagah hote rahta hai’ – suggestive of his sinister willingness to accept such crimes as an ‘accepted norm’ in the society! Doesn’t it liken him to the petty immoral criminals who, caught in the act of crime, would brazenly argue, ‘aur bhi to zulm kar rahe hain; unko pakaro mujhe hi kyon?’ Lord Dalhausie would have arraigned him at India Gate for instant execution by a firing squad and buried him in Delhi’s sewage. 
Today, 'Free India', on the contrary, is protecting, promoting and rewarding such criminals.  Even sacking/removal from service is not enough punishment for serious offences. Suspension, transfer, enquiries for misconduct caught on camera? Non-sense! They are fooling modern times with outdated argument of 19th century when no CC TVs, video cameras existed. 
What is even more shocking is that we - a Group of Senior Citizens - had collectively represented to the President of India bringing to his notice some very serious allegations against the Delhi Police Chief, Neeraj Kumar and asking for his immediate dismissal from the service as early as December 2013. But it fell on deaf ears.  (The Joint Appeal is appended below).
Let's do our bit in every which way to save Mother India from these incestuous rapists and perverts.
Karan Kharb
Senior Citizens Group
WZ 80, Mohan Nagar
Pankha Road
New Delhi - 110046   
December 27, 2012
His Excellency The President of India
Rashtrapati Bhawan
Raisina Hill, New Delhi.
 Subject: The rot that is Delhi and national shame
Your Excellency,
We, former senior members of the All India Services and Armed Forces make this submission to you as the Head of the Republic and custodian of the Constitution.
2.            Sir, as you yourself have seen, virtually the whole country has arisen in anger and anguish against the gang-rape incident that rocked the national capital recently. Nationwide shock and outrages have been expressed over the brutal incident in which a 23 year-old girl was terribly beaten and gang-raped allegedly by six members in a moving bus in south Delhi. The young girl is desperately struggling for her life.
3.      Outpouring of anger by thousands of youngsters cutting across sections of society at Raisina Hill, where you live, and India Gate and different parts of the country has jolted the government to announce some measures to mitigate the public sentiments and outrage. This includes formation of a three-member Commission of Inquiry headed by former Chief Justice J.S. Verma that “will suggest ways to make stricter rape laws.” according to Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde. Just that and nothing more!
4.            Two days prior to these government announcements, nation saw the strange spectacle of Mr. R.K. Singh, Union Home Secretary sitting with Mr. Neeraj Kumar, Commissioner of Police of Delhi complimenting Delhi Police for outstanding work in cracking the case in no time. For lapses, no accountability was fixed by the government. We wonder why Home Secretary was openly exhibiting a mother-hen like protective approach towards the incumbent Delhi Commissioner of Police.
6.            Primary concern of governance and governments is Rule of Law, safety and protection of people, especially women and children, and upholding of their civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights and dignity.  For this purpose, it is the constitutional obligation of the State to provide professional, impartial and efficient Police Service for safeguarding the life, livelihood and dignity of the citizens.
7.            Commissioner of Police, Delhi heads one of the largest police forces in the country. Being head of the police force in the national capital, he or she should not only be an officer of unimpeachable integrity and unblemished career but also an impartial and efficient police officer having respect for human rights and dignity of the people.
8.            But, from the records and documents made available to us, we are of the considered opinion that the present Commissioner of Police, Neeraj Kumar does not fit the bill. There are many serious charges of corruption and criminalisation pending against him. Briefly mentioned these are:-
(a)   2 FIRs: Hon’ble High Court of Delhi vide two separate orders dated on 26.6.2006 had directed registration of FIRs against Mr. Neeraj Kumar for fabrication of documents during course of investigation of a case and for humiliating, torturing and harassing an innocent citizen while working in CBI as Joint Director. He managed an illegal stay from the Division Bench through Letter Patent Appeals which are not maintainable in criminal cases. This is blatant sabotage of law since  against orders on Criminal OPs in HC only remedy is SLP in Supreme Court. 
(b)  Very close links with Abhishek Verma, master scamster and notorious Arms and Hawala Dealer who has already been charged by CBI for compromising country’s security and integrity in Naval War Room Leak case and presently in judicial custody again on account of his arrest by CBI in another case booked under Official Secrets Act for illegally obtaining highly sensitive and secret defence documents and selling the same to foreign countries. As Joint Director, CBI, Neeraj Kumar had used all his power and authority to protect and shield Abhishek Verma from various stringent legal actions.
(c)   As Director General of Prisons, Neeraj Kumar was negotiating deals for purchase of arms including assault rifles with Abhishek Verma who was representing a foreign arm manufacturer and was confined in Tihar Jail. In various communications including emails sent from Tihar Jail Abhishek Verma claims that Neeraj Kumar is his personal and family friend and a lot can be achieved through him in short span of time. In the very same capacity Neeraj Kumar has reportedly extorted huge amount of money in cash from 2G scam accused lodged in Tihar Jail for providing them luxuries and facilities like AC, computers, mobiles and rich food.
(d)  There are allegations that Neeraj Kumar is reportedly holding 3 accounts in Switzerland and other tax heavens and parking huge funds in them. Account Numbers are mentioned in the complaint that gives this information. But no verification has been done.
9.            Recently Neeraj Kumar was found to be unfit for being included in the panel of officers for appointment to the post of Director of CBI by the Selection Committee headed by Chief Vigilance Commissioner on account of the above charges which he is facing.  Yet, shockingly, with same criminal and corrupt antecedents, Neeraj Kumar was earlier appointed to the sensitive post of Commissioner of Police, Delhi.
10.     Obviously, Under Neeraj Kumar’s watch, the efficiency and efficacy of police force in Delhi has come to the lowest ebb since there is an atmosphere of complete lawlessness prevailing in the capital city of Delhi and commission of heinous crimes like rapes, murders and thefts have become the order of the day. Such crimes are being committed by criminals with the active collusion and complicity of the police officers.  Most of these criminals are serial offenders and their criminal records are already with police and yet they continue committing such heinous crimes and go scot free after bribing local police or paying ‘hafta’ to them which is shared up to the top. Strangely enough, as per media reports Delhi Police identified and picked up the rape-bus from the list of hafta (bribe) givers circulating among all the Delhi traffic policemen who are in collusion with the drivers'/owners' who indulge in illegal activities.
11.     It is the horrendous rot in the system that has led to the appointment of such an abominable person to head the Delhi Police. The spontaneous outburst of public sentiment and the voices that are being raised are against such rot which has set in virtually every form of governance today. Through the voices of the protestors, the people are today demanding to be governed by a system that is just and above all, whose integrity cannot be questioned. It is this aspect that needs to be addressed seriously and sincerely. Police Commissioner’s response to all these is to intimidate the lady Magistrate recording the statement of the rape victim and slap murder charges against young protestors after letting loose worst form of violence and repression on them. There are serious doubts that the post-mortem report has been fudged! This cannot be ruled out considering the fact that Neeraj Kumar, as Joint Commissioner of Police, Delhi was involved in the controversy of ‘Ansal Plaza’ fake encounter on 4.11.2002 wherein two innocent persons were killed!
12.    We are of the considered view that the stink in Delhi Police is part of the larger ‘kleptocratic-mafia’ that seem to be running the country.  In the event we, senior citizens, request you to direct the Government of India that is in power ‘under your pleasure’ to respond to the valid posers we raise below:
(i)     How, with such horrendous ill-repute and adverse career record, Neeraj Kumar was selected and appointed to the sensitive and crucial post of Commissioner of Police, Delhi? What is the role of Union Home Secretary and Lt. Governor, Delhi in this?
(ii)   How was he selected and appointed as Joint Director of CBI and allowed to remain in that post for a record period of 9 years which is prohibited under service Rules?
(iii) Why, despite several complaints from various responsible quarters to the Prime Minister,  Home Minister, PMO, CVC and Director CBI supported by authentic records establishing Neeraj Kumar’s close proximity and relationship with notorious serial offender Abhishek Verma, no action has been initiated?
(iv)  On 25-09-2012, one Manish Aggarwal of ‘Citizens of India against Corruption’ sent a complaint to the Prime Minister giving details and specific information on the huge corruption and extortion racket indulged in by Neeraj Kumar (Annexure). Was this complaint enquired into and truth ascertained? If not why not?
(v)   What has been the role of successive PMO’s, Home Ministers, Finance Ministers and Home Secretaries and Finance Secretaries in defending and protecting this congenitally corrupt official and in appointing him to coveted posts?
(vi)  Who are the prominent politicians and bureaucrats who are patronizing Neeraj Kumar and sharing in the loot and money-laundering that he seem to be effortlessly indulging in cohort with underworld dons?
(vii)  In the midst of so much rot, corruption and laxity what purpose will the Commission constituted to “suggest ways to make stricter rape laws” serve?
Your Excellency, these are specific and pointed posers. But considering the mood of the nation it would be eminently appropriate if you as Head of the Republic should advise the political parties to seek the immediate resignation all MPs and MLAs who are presently facing proceedings in Court on criminal charges, particularly heinous ones like rape and murder. You should also direct the Government to immediately enact law/rules to implement the long-pending recommendations of the Election Commission to ban charge-sheeted politicians to contest election to any public body in future. These steps will have an electrifying effect on the psyche of the nation in general and youth in particular.
The whole nation wants an immediate answer to these posers and instant action to remedy the stink. We look forward for early action and appropriate response
Yours Truly,                               
CV Narashimhan IPS (former Director, CBI)
Admiral L Ramdas (Retd) (Former Chief of Navy Staff)
BS Raghavan IAS                                                                   
SP Ambrose, IAS        
Lt. Gen. Prakash Katoch (Retd)
M.G.Devasahayam IAS
Col. Karan Kharb (Retd)                                                       
MR Sivaraman IAS
Maj. Gen. Ashok Kalyan Verma (Retd)
Arun Kumar IAS                                                                      
Brig V. Mahalingam (Retd)
M. Raman IAS                                                                         
Rajivan Krishnaswamy IAS
Col. K. Maliappan (Retd)
(Note: Signatories have been District Magistrates, Secretaries to State and Central Governments, Navy and Army Chiefs, Corps, Division and Brigade Commanders)
CITIZENS OF INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION                                                   ANNEXURE
A-17, Niti Bagh, New Delhi-110049
Tel: 9811032800 ; 26098582
September 25, 2012 
Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India
7, Race Course Road,
New Delhi 110001
Respected Prime Minister,
Neeraj Kumar, IPS (1976-AGM UT) former Joint Director, CBI, former Director General of Tihar Jail and present Commissioner of Police, New Delhi made thousands of crores of rupees by misusing his lucrative positions and extorting huge money from innocent citizens and parking the said money in offshore havens of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
The details of his three bank accounts in foreign banks are given below, the detailed investigation of which would reveal that he is the most corrupt police officer in the country who is already a man of more than Rs.2300 crore, out of which approximately Rs.912 crores is lying parked in the following bank accounts:
  • One SWISS Account in st. GallenKantonalbank, S1. Leonhardstrasse 25, 9001 St. Gallen, Switzerland with 32.5 Million USD and 17.45 Million CHF (SWISS Francs)
Pseudo Name: CENTPENA
Account Number: 06938761-25-62
IBAN. CH22 0078 10693876 12562
SWift Code: KBSGCH22
  • One Swiss Bank Account in Pnvat-und Handelsbank Zurich AG, Lowenstrasse 56, Zurich witn 57 Million USD and 15 Million CHF(Swiss Francs)
Pseudo Name:                   SANDR076
Account Number:             04403892-67 -76
IBAN:                                   CH26 0883 4044 0389 2677 6
SWIFT Code:                      PHZZCHZ1892
  • One Liechtenstein Bank Account in Neue Bank AG, Marktgass 20, Postfach 1533, Vaduz with 42.75 Million USD and 19.20 Million Euros
Pseudo Name:                   MKNKAK76
Account Number:             OA2365672543
IBAN:                                   Ll22 0880 20A2 3656 7254 3
SWIFT Code:                      NBANLl22152
These details are already with CBI and Enforcement Directorate but because of his clout in bureaucratic and political circles, he has successfully scuttled the detailed investigation into his deeds of his gross misconduct. There are already complaints made against Neeraj Kumar which are lying with Prime Minister office, Central Vigilance Commission, Central Bureau of Investigation, Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax Department but the same are languishing in the dustbins of these offices. It is indeed a pity.
The modus operandi of corrupt Neeraj Kumar to make dirty money is as follows:
While in CBI, he handled various sensitive cases. In famous Bombay Bomb Blast case, he favoured a number of accused and did not arrest them or make them accused but allowed them to go free in lieu of very big money which he collected and parked in above stated foreign bank accounts. During his tenure of 9 years in CBI (very unusual for an officer to manage posting beyond 5 years in CBI),Neeraj Kumar became a man of more than 1000 crores. He has purchased number of immovable properties including two lavish farm houses in Westend Green worth more than Rs.200 crores, one house of 460 sq.yardsin posh colony of AnandNiketan worth Rs. 40 crores, two apartments in benami names in Magnolias of DLF at Gurgaon, worth Rs. 50 crores, 10 acres of land in Ghitorni worth Rs. 150 crores and 92 acres of land on Noida Expressway worth Rs. 580 crores. All these properties are being held in benami names including one Mr. Dharamveer, Police Officer of the rank of Head Constable who has been with him for last 25 years. How can Neeraj Kumar allow such a trustworthy police officer to go out of his control in whose name he has invested dirty money of more than Rs. 1000 crores.
While in Tihar Jail, during his tenure of 2 year, as his good luck would have been, big scams in the country took place and a number of politicians including ministers and businessman were arrested and sent to Tihar Jail. For allowing 5 star living in Tihar Jail, Neeraj Kumar charged the following:
  1. Rs.5 lakhs per day from Mr. A.Raja, former Telecom Minister for 16 months i.e. 5X1GX30= Rs. 24 crores.
  2. Rs. 3 lakhs from Kanimozi for about 10 months I.e. 3X10X30=Rs. 9 crores.
  3. Rs. 5 lakhs per day Mr. Sanjay Chandra for 10 months i.e.5X10X30=Rs. 15 crores.
  4. Rs. 7 lakhs per day from Mr. ShahidBalwa and Mr. VinodGoenka for 12 months 7X 12X30=Rs. 25.2 crores.
  5. Rs.9 lakhs per day from Reliance group for their three employees for 11 months I.e. 9X11X33=Rs. 32.67 crores.
In addition to these Neeraj Kumar also extorted properties of hundreds of crores from Sanjay Chandra of Unitech Group and ShahidBalwawhich he is holding in the benami names of relatives.
As seen from above only in case of accused of 2G scam,Neeraj Kumar made money of Rs. 105 crores. Not only this, he is so clever and smart to make dirty money that he made more than 200 crores from other accused like Suresh Kalmadi, Abu Salem, Aftab Ansari and many others.
Because of his money power and clout in political circles he managed to become Commisioner Delhi Police, despite the fact that he is facing more than half a dozen criminal cases and FIRs against him including infamous fake Ansal Plaza Shootout case in November 2002 where he was behind the killing two innocent persons on the spot when he was heading post of Joint Commisioner of Police Special Cell, Delhi. He widely claims that for becoming Commissioner of Police of Delhi, he had to pay RS.100 crores to Mr. P Chidambaram, former Home Minister of India through his son Mr. Kartik Chidambaram and the meeting with him was arranged by Rajiv Shukla, now Minister in Govt. who is always pleading his case before all the authorities. Neeraj Kumar also boasts that through one Mr. Raj Ajmera a well known Wheeler Dealer in political circles and his friend Rajiv Shukla, he took Ahmed Patel, Political Advisor to Sonia Gandhi into confidence and paid Rs.100 crores to Congress Party Fund. Since then he has become a frequent visitor to his residence at late nights, and his photographs entering Patel's house no. 23, Mother Terasa Road are enclosed. In big parties, he can be seen often claiming his proximity to both Mr. Chidambaram and Mr. Ahmed Patel. He also tells that he is close to Robert Vadra, son in law of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi whom he helped out financially by clicking deals with DLF Group.
Since becoming Commissioner of Police, a new extortion racket has been headed by Neeraj Kumar whereby he identifies and buys out highly lucrative rented out properties in Delhi and bullies innocent tenants and citizens into vacating such properties. Once vacated, these properties fetches hundreds of crores of rupees which he claims to have sold out to many friends including Madhavan, Private Secretaries to Sonia Gandhi, Robert Vadra, son in law of Sonia Gandhi, Rajiv Shukla his friend of last two decades, Subodh Kant Sahai, minister in the government, one Mr. P.K. Mishra, lAS and Secretary in Ministry of Personnel. Since becoming Commisioner Police, Delhi, Neeraj Kumar has already helped his friends and family in purchasing more than 15 such properties worth more than Rs. 675 crores in Delhi. Recently, Neeraj Kumar bought a rented house of 500 sq yard in posh Vasant Vihar which after getting vacated, he sold out to Mr. Arun Jaitley for Rs. 37.5 crores. He also sold out such a property of 1000 sq yard in Greater Kailash-I to his uncle Mr. Shatrugan Sinha. Neeraj Kumar also claims before his friends that at one point of time, he had managed a 5 acre farm house in Dera Mandl, Delhi which was sold out to Mr. Kapil Sibal, the present Telecom Minister at a throw away price of Rs. 10 crores, the market value of which was more than Rs. 25 crores. He also claims that he has given a big property measuring 800 sq. yards at Shanti Niketan to Mr. Sandeep Dixit, son of Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dixit who had helped out in becoming Delhi Police Commissioner. He very frequently claims that he has also obliged many judges of both High Court of Delhi and Supreme Court and he can get any work done from them using his influence especially from Mr. Altamas Kabir, Chief Justice of India.
Neeraj Kumar with his close confidante head constable Dharamveer has been running another extortion racket under which every officer of the rank of SHOin Delhi has to payDharamveer a monthly sum ranging between Rs.5 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs. The rates are fixed and are in the common knowledge among police circles.
Neeraj Kumar with his friend Rajiv Shukla, has also been running a blackmailing racket in Delhi, whereby they not only bring top class models from Bombay and supply them to some of the top industrialists, bureaucrats and politicians but also tape them in the act. He openly boasts in parties that he has blue films of Deepak Chopra, PS to LK Advani and Mr. Madhavan, private secretary to Sonia Gandhi. Neeraj Kumar and Rajiv Shukla are also famously known to be big match fixers and made more than Rs 1200 crores together in only in the last edition of IPL. He has 12.5% equity in ITC Group held in benami names. Every day, he visits Health Club of Maurya Hotel with his family members and behaves like owner. Membership of the health club is not opened to outsiders but he being owner of the hotel, is given all comforts. Two suites/delux rooms are always kept at his disposal. This fact can be verified from the staff of the hotel and the attendants in the health club. He is also boasting that he has taken new Home Minister Mr. Sushil Shinde on his right side by paying 5 crores as the first instalment.
Neeraj Kumar is leaving no stone unturned in his ambitions to become the next CBI Director and to achieve them he claims to have already paid RS.10 crores to V Narayan Swami, MOS of Personnel Ministry and committed another Rs. 40 after his appointment' apart from committing huge fund for Congress Party He claims that he has already taken into confidence Mr. Pradeep Kumar. Chairman, CVC whom he has obliged many times during his foreign visits including the recent one in which he has arranged dollars abroad for his shopping and leisure. He has already met twice Ms. Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition in last one month and assured her all CBI help to Reddy Brothers once he becomes Director CBI.
He is so confident that he will be the next CBI Director that he threw a grand party at Rajiv Shukla's farmhouse in Chattarpur in New Delhi in the first week of September, as soon as his name figured in the panel for Director CBI, and gave assurances to A.Raja, Kanimozi, Sanjay Chandra and the coal lobby that they will be set free within 6 months of him taking over as Director CBI.
This notoriously corrupt Police officer who has woven his web of illicit acts deep into the beauracratic and political centre of this nation and boasts himself to be the most powerful officer in the country, grows in power with each passinq day is a danger not only to society but also to the entire nation. It is not external threats that our nation needs protection from but such corrupt police officers who are eating away the wealth of this nation and pose a threat to the safety and welfare of its citizens.
To remain at the helm of such sensitive postings one needs the blessings of the highest of mightiest in India and Neeraj Kumar has no shortage of well wishers. The country needs some answers from the politicians and officers at the helm of affairs and we must still believe in CBI, CVC and some honest politicians to act and arrest this corrupt officer i.e. Neeraj Kumar and his corrupt friends and family members and get the money back that has been stashed away in foreign accounts by him and his family.
Thanking you,
Manish Aggarwal
Secretary General
CC:         President of India, New Delhi
Chief Justice of India, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi
Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, New Delhi   & several others