Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Regime too inebriated to see!

Karan Kharb
We are passing through very critical times. The UPA Coalition is actually a minority ruling the country while the majority sits as Opposition in the Lok Sabha. There are political parties (SP, BSP etc) that vehemently decry every step of the ruling Coalition and yet when it comes to voting, they quietly acquiesce and join the Treasury Benches. This stage-managed display is not only betrayal of the public faith but insults heaped on the electorate as their conduct justifies and perpetuates the farce of Democracy.  
               The insensitive and thick-skinned behaviour of some very senior party leaders and ministers at the Centre and in the States is so far from sanity that one would believe the Minister/Leader concerned must have been drugged. While astute statesmanship, sagacity, vision and maturity are some of the basic virtues expected of those who preside over destinies of India’s millions, what we get is uncouth, brazen arrogance so similar to urchins fighting for backstreet dadagiri. Boorishly unconcerned about larger national interests, they are ever ready to rake up and question the settled cases involving terrorists for which the role of the police and security agencies was lauded and honoured. Petty tactics might be adding a few votes to their credit in their so doing but it costs the country its security, unit and social integration because it demoralises the sincere and committed officers and men in the Security Forces and, more dangerously, it engenders unhealthy rivalry and animosity between communities. Irresponsible comments were passed by some very responsible ministers/leaders in respect of Batla House case despite the court having upheld the genuineness of the operation. Soon after Mumbai 26/11 too, a sinister confusion was attempted to be created by suggesting that Hemant Karkare, chief of Mumbai police ATS was not shot by terrorists but by ‘Hindu right-wing elements’. Terms like ‘Saffron Terror’ have been officially propagated to create mass confusion in the public and relief to the terrorist organisations.    
               More recently, the Defence Minister’s statement in the Lok Sabha appeared to be absolving the Pakistan Army for its unprovoked raid that resulted in five Indian soldiers being killed in Poonch.  Although the statement was later modified to blame the Pakistan Army, India’s diplomatic edge was blunted. When the mortal remains of four martyrs from Bihar landed at Patna Airport, no political leader was there to pay homage to the martyrs. Worse, a minister of the state cabinet, when asked, brushed aside the soldiers’ supreme sacrifice by saying, “Why make an issue out of it? Soldiers are there to die, what else?”  It is an indicator of how our national character has degenerated and decayed. Where else would ISI or terror groups like LeT find a better allies than these leaders of India whose tactics facilitate their plans?  How could India’s responsible leaders behave this way unless they were drugged by ISI or other anti-national agency?
Another evidence of how our politicians are ganging up against public interests is clear from the following facts :-
·        Lokpal Bill: India appeared to be rallying behind Anna Hazare who forced the Prime Minister to give an undertaking that a tough Lokpal Bill as demanded would be enacted soon. The Parliament passed a unanimous ‘Sense of the House’ endorsing this commitment.  Today no one talks about it even as a host of other self-serving bills have been enacted and more are being pushed without much debate. ‘Satyagraha’ or expression of popular will of the masses has no meaning in the present regime.  Godse killed him only once; they are now killing Gandhi every day!  
·        Political Parties above RTI: The core of all political corruption lies in the Political Parties.  Hawala, Tehelka and nearly all big scams ultimately converge towards the political parties. The CIC’s decree on a petition by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) places all national political parties under the purview of RTI. All political parties were suddenly angry at it. Now, we hear they are planning to escape public scrutiny by modifying the RTI Act itself!
·        Criminals in Parliament: The number of criminals has been steadily increasing in the Parliament and State Legislatures. There are 162 MPs in the present Parliament who are facing criminal cases in the courts. Honourable Supreme Court has ruled that anyone sentenced to imprisonment of two years or more shall forfeit his/her seat on the day such a judgement is passed. Whole nation welcomed it but the Political Parties, hell bent to their criminals, refuse to be purged by the Judiciary. They are reportedly planning to move an amendment to the Representation of People’s Act that would render the Supreme Court Judgement inoperative.
·      Reforms: A whole array of Reforms like Police Reforms, Judicial Reforms, Electoral Reforms, Land Acquisition, Mining Rights…….. and more are awaiting political nod but it seems that there is a vested interest in delaying and postponing the Reforms. A regime of ambiguity in procedures and accountability is naturally more advantageous to the unscrupulous officers and leaders.  Hence the reluctance!    
If not drugged, our politicians are certainly intoxicated by an overdose of power. Honest officers are being hounded and harassed, RTI activists are being eliminated, but the corrupt and criminals are protected. How far shall we continue to endure this anarchy?   

In a stark contrast to this inebriated class of politicians, there but one Leader who stands apart as a shining example of genuine Secularism, a character of unimpeachable honesty, integrity and resolute determination.  Narendra Modi has emerged an unchallenged towering figure who can lead India to a glorious future.  Rise India, rise and rally around the New Age Leader!



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