Tuesday, November 26, 2013

An Impish kid called God!

Bharat Ratna 'Sachin'
Narinder Dahiya*

“Recall the face of the poorest and weakest man you have seen, and ask yourself if this step you contemplate is going to be any use to him.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

·      The father of Nation had laid down this litmus test for lesser mortals to make correct decisions in life. We need to test the decision of Indian Government to award the Bharat Ratna to Sachin Tendulkar against this rule.
·      The news of award of Bharat Ratna to Sachin Tendulkar has been received with lot of jubilation all around the country. All political parties have welcomed the award and seem united at least on this issue. (No one wants to antagonize the numerous cricket crazy fans of the batsman). Some politicians have congratulated the Prime Minister for this decision. (At last the old man made some decision which is not ‘nonsense’).

·      The media has gone out of its way to highlight the achievement and has organized special programs to discuss the merits of the award. (Everyone wants to increase their TRPs with very little investment of resources towards making a popular program).

·      Sachin has dedicated this award to all the mothers of the country. (What difference does it make to the lives of millions of Indian mothers)? But the media somehow liked the story very much.

·      The timing of the award has also been hailed as very apt and correct as it coincided with the retirement of the cricket maestro. (The timing also coincides well with elections in five states). The timing of the award really needs to be hailed as the government was able to decide to bestow the award on a person before his death or before his reaching a old and senile age.

·      No one has dared to question the qualification or suitability of Sachin to bag this award.

·      Let us now dispassionately examine the qualification of Sachin to bag the highest honor of our country:-

§  He can hit a piece of leather called a cricket ball, thrown at him, very hard and to a place where he wants, a fairly large number of times.

§  He has done this while playing cricket for a private club called the BCCI.

§  The game in which he has excelled is played in only six countries around the world.

§  He has not passed even his tenth class examination.

§  He has never questioned the corruption in the BCCI or ever commented on the numerous match fixing scandals in cricket.

§  He did not sport the initiative of world anti doping agency in rooting out doping from cricket.

§  His performance and record as the captain of the team was dismal and he was not able to lead the team.

§  He has sold maximum number of foreign soft drinks, which are bad for health of our young generation to make easy money. Some sports persons have denied doing the same as they were more concerned about the public health.

§  He has sought tax exemption to import a foreign car into the country and thus did not want to contribute towards nation building, which he could easily afford.

§  He has continued to stick to his place in the team, well beyond the expiry date to play 200 test matches.

§  He stopped bowling so as to prolong his cricket career thus not ever fully contributing to the team.

§  He has made no substantial donations to any cause and his contribution to overall good of our country or humanity is largely unknown.

§  He has been recently honored by being nominated to the Rajya Sabha. (Rewarded because the masters are sure that he will never open his mouth). All other sporting awards of the country have already been conferred on him.

·      Now, let us compare his achievements with some other citizens of our country who have recently retired.

·      Mr Ratan Tata has recently retired after successfully leading a huge business empire which provides employment to a large number of our citizens. His immense contribution to various social causes is well known. He has stood for truth, honesty and discipline in public life. His company has probably contributed the maximum in taxes for the development of our country. But our learned Prime Minister has not found him fit to be awarded the Bharat Ratna.

·      Similarly, Mr Sridharan, the man behind the success of Delhi Metro also retired recently. The man is an accomplished engineer, credited with the success of Konkan Railway also. He is known for his strength of character and integrity of highest order. He had the strength of character to stand firm against all political pressures.He has made the lives of thousands of our citizens slightly more comfortable.

·      The country does not recognize real heroes but adorns their puppets or mute characters with highest awards. A Bharat Ratna will now be selling soft drinks, shampoos and other products and will make all Indians proud.
*The author is a Military Veteran reputed for his 'out of  the box ideas' and love for challenges. He quit military service at a time when his career was zooming upwards with promise aplenty for higher glories.  His pre-mature retirement has left the Indian Army a notch poorer. His prowess and creativity now add value to the Indian Industry.

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